Friday, July 27

The Ultimate Answer and The Dangers of Bluetooth

Upon entering Jude's room this morning in todays attempt to trick him into getting clothes on his body, we find the mini pop up tent that has been hanging around in the middle of the room for a few weeks contorted into a shape a pop up tent was never intended to be contorted into.

Jude: "Look!"

Judesmommy: "Mmhmmm, what happened?" (totally unimpressed because it's too early in the morning to feign astonishment at the toddler-esque cruel and unusual manipulations of the material objects within my vicinity).

Jude: "Me."

I figure that about sums up my entire life from this point on.

And now, here's something our parents never had to worry about:

One morning while dropping Jude off at the center, Ben had an early morning conference call he needed to be on. Being all techie and stuff, he likes to use the Bluetooth function in his car. I've not yet been able to get around to setting mine up, and it's not because I fear all things new or anything, it's just because of that whole being a mommy with a toddler who barely has time to brush her hair, let alone set up her bluetooth, thing. Even though the offer has been made to do it FOR me, still no, because that would mean I'd no longer have an excuse not to use it. Although, I'm not sure why I think I even need an excuse not to use it...I think this all may stem a from a deep dark vortex of some complicated subconscious something. I like to pin all irrational, lazy behavior on the subconscious. I've decided it makes the best scapegoat to relieve oneself from the burden of culpability.

Anyway, so Ben dialed into the bridge his early morning conference call was being held on and announced himself through the incredible magic of talking into the air inside the car. A dozen or so co-workers had already assembled. The perky girl leading the conference call acknowledged and welcomed Ben. Then from the backseat, upon hearing a female voice coming through the stereo speakers came


Bluetooth, yet another way they can embarrass you.

Friday, July 13