Tuesday, January 16

OK, Who Am I and What Have You Done With Me?

This week has already been proof that I'm quite susceptible to behavioral conditioning experiments being carried out by a small someone who cannot yet ennunciate and still runs from me gleefully naked each morning as I chase him down trying to make him socially acceptable by actually putting clothes on his tiny, adorable self.

Making me do things, that, in my rational, pre-motherhood mind, I would have found simply absurd.

Normally, sitting at red lights does not evoke indistinguishable peals of protest from the backseat. Tonight it did though. Of course, instead of turning to the small passanger with a beef in the back and inquiring as to the nature of the problem, I copied him.

Mmhmm, you read that right. You know, like when you were five and mimicked everything your sister said until she flew at you in a rage while screaming, "MOMMMM, HE WON'T STOP COPYING ME!"

Yeah, like that. I'm soooo grown up.

Not being the only grown up in the car, Daddy (driving) did it too. And then it was ON! Three more indistinguishable peals of protest in tandem from backseat to front. Followed by two "uh!s"...mimicked, of course. And then finally, a wordless stern, heavy-browed stare accompanied with...the HAND. He gave us "the Hand". Where do they get this stuff?

"I don't think he likes it when we laugh at him,
I think he's sensitive like that."

I glance back, "Yeah, but you know, he really needs to learn to lighten up."

"Well, that's true".

C'mon Jude...you can dish it out but you can't take it? Don't be like your Uncle Mark...


FortuitousEquilibrium said...

Oh, yes. You rock. And your blogs rock. Is there any way on blogspot to click something to let you know when people have updated? Hmm...

daddy ricker said...

My dear sister, are you implying that your fun loving brother is unable to laugh at jokes made at my expense? My sense of humour is nearly as vast as my ego and I am utterly horrified that you would suggest that I "can't take it". In short, I know you are but what am I:)