Tuesday, March 13

Jude-Experiment: Gravity & The Physics of Baby Gates

Last night, while at opposite ends of the house, there was a simultaneous parental running response to what sounded very much like the squealing of a stuck pig.

Followed by what sounded very much like a mommy and daddy doubled over in laughter.

After having been greeted by the vision of a toddler, on his belly, stuck halfway under a baby gate at the top of the stairs...one arm reaching like Stretch Armstrong for the milk he had experimentally thrown OVER the gate...yelling "Moke! Mo-o-o-oke! Moke!!"

Ben, gasping for breath from laughter, "Indiana Jones, you're NOT!"

We're guessing it'll be a while before you're ready to go on dangerous hunts for archaeological treasures, Jude.


Lawyer Mama said...

LOL! My cat does that on a regular basis & I'm just waiting for the baby to think it looks like a good idea!

Nancy said...

I appreciate that they're testing their boundaries, but I keep telling my kids that they can't really win against the baby gates. ;-)

slouching mom said...

Oh, those baby gates. This is four years ago now, but we had this electronic gate that regularly defeated me and my husband (who, BTW, is an engineer). I'm with Nancy, if we can't win against the gates, our toddlers likely won't either. Poor Jude!