Monday, April 2

Will MySpace Bring World Peace?

The nice folks over at GNM Parents have asked me to contribute to their online collaborative site! What fun! It appears they are not the least big aghast at my often wacky views and ideas.

My first post went up over the weekend. Go check it out.

Will MySpace Bring World Peace?


Lawyer Mama said...

Great article! And yes, the technological life our kids will lead boggles the mind.

Nancy said...

Congrats! I just browsed it and was quite impressed by how you articulated the article. (But I'll have to go back and really read when I'm less brain dead...)

JudesMommy said...

Thanks LM, Thanks Nancy! I consider that high praise coming from two brilliant women like you.


Stu said...

I think it's a fantastic piece, and I meant what I said, it's worthy of the New York Times op/ed section. You articulated a not-uncommon, yet not-common thought, that technology will bring about World Peace. Certainly I believe that, enough so that I spend 40 hours a week (easy) at GNMP, with absolutely no remuneration. Because I believe that positive parenting is the key to World Peace.

Let our grandchildren know not of war.

JudesMommy said...

Thanks Stu. You're right, unless we have lofty goals and ideals when it comes to the next generation, we will be right where we are today 50 years from now.