Wednesday, June 6

Betcha Thought We Fell Off the Planet...

I know, cardinal sin, up and not posting for weeks and weeks (OK and weeks even).

I'm sorry. Life, it's so messy sometimes.

Meanwhile, I'll try to catch you up in a sentence or two, albeit run-ons, fair warning.

Deep goes.

We've been busy every single day getting into every single thing imaginable that we can now actually reach and open and unlock. We suddenly began speaking in very bossy and commanding 8 word sentences. We want to go to the potty with EVERYONE and are fascinated with the grandeur of all that is Poop. And, we suddenly woke up this morning, rolled over to a cold with goose-bumps mommy, poked her where a girl can't hide it when she's cold (you know...opposite of shrinkage) and commanded, "Put them back in".

See. We've been busy.


Lawyer Mama said...


Nancy said...

Heh. Gotta love those little ones.

You haven't missed any bloggy stuff from me, I've practically fallen off the planet myself...