Saturday, February 17

I SHOULD Feel Guilty, but...

This is turning into the most splendiferous Saturday ever. Like in the whole history of far.

Because, as you must know by now I'm sure, we on the Eastern side over here are all encased in ice. Ice that won't seem to melt. And because, being encased in ice, when one decides stupidly to park on the half of the driveway not yet snow-blowered-ice chipped or whatever you call it, it's easy to slip and fall, twisting one's knee at an angle that shouldn't be humanly possible.

So here I sit, ice on the knee which is in pain because OF the ice, watching (simultaneously I might add) a movie on IFC, Jude jumping up and down on the mini-trampoline-wearing headphones which are slightly askew in that not quite right way and...Ben vacuuming.

Vacuuming not using this but this instead. The one that "doesn't lose suction" according to the nice but nerdy-looking British guy, James Dyson, who apparently did not include vacuuming up a gallon of Chex Mix from in-between sofa cushions and off of white carpet in his test trials. I can vouch for suction loss, as I sit here completely entertained while watching Ben completely perplexed by the loss of suction currently going on as he finishes the chex mix cleanup session that was suddenly interrupted yesterday (don't ask, it's not worth it).

And the movie's turning out to be marvelous Momtainment as well. What self-respecting, overworked, semi-narcoleptic mom doesn't enjoy living vicariously through Andie MacDowell while she's having a torrid, secret love affair with a younger man? Yep, I'm pretty sure this will be my next DVD purchase.

Hmmm...I just saw Jude streak by with a strangely familiar bottle in his hand. I'd better hobble up (can you even do that?). Because I doubt that Wet Fun Flavor Kiwi-Strawberry, delicious as it may be, qualifies as a nutritional afternoon snack for toddlers.

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ammogirl said...

omg I LOVE my dyson! my husband and I actually fight over who gets to vacuum sometimes...well, not really, but I do love it.