Saturday, February 17

A New Epoch- Dining Out...

It seems that radical changes marked by new developments have occurred here in our bit of Valhalla. Manna has fallen from Heaven, the Promised Land is come.

Last Saturday evening we went out to dinner with marvelous friends...Judeless.

Please hold your breath and don't make any sudden moves. I think we may actually have a slim chance of something that might resemble adult life.

Of course, I had qualms about leaving my baby for any amount of time that might be selfishly mine. Yummy food (any food I don't have to make these days is utterly sublime), great atmosphere and intelligent conversation...oh so alluring and heady!

Those qualms vanished however when, as we were walking up the sidewalk to drop Jude off before dinner, I was unceremoniously shoved aside at the knees and watched as Jude flew ahead of me and threw himself into the arms of his beloved Ms. Maria. From that moment on I was no different than any other carbon based biped living on the planet.

Lump in throat...jealousy. I know, I know, get over it.

So, it took about five minutes of feeling-sorry-for-myself-getting-over-it.

Dinner anyone? The next two weekends are booked, but I'll squeeze in some room for you.

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