Sunday, February 4

Pretty Blonde Steals Jude's Heart

Yes, it's true. I think his heart was stolen away last night. Of course, he does buckle at the knees at the sight of a pretty blonde, but I've never seen him quite as taken as he was last night.

Her name is Miranda and she was one of our much beloved dinner guests last night.

He fell asleep in her arms and I think he left his little heart right there, because this morning as soon as his feet hit the floor he headed down to the dining room and called out "M'anda? M'anda?".

I told him "Sweetie, Miranda went home to her house, we'll see her again soon." He looked at me with those big eyes.

As if by some magic that she surely would appear again, throughout the day he kept peeking round the corner into the dining room...checking her chair just to be sure.

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